Internet Defamation Primer

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Initial steps if you have been the target of defmation of character on the internet.

There are a few things you need to be thinking about early if you or your company are the target of internet defamation; 1. You need to try to identify the person who posted the content 2. Determine the registrant of the domain name on which the content is posted 3. Is the registrant of the domain name is the same person who posted the content on the blog, web site or forum? 4. Review the web site terms of use (TOU). Request that the website operator remove the defamatory content 5. Contact an Internet Defamation Attorney to aid you both in pursuing legal action against the content poster and in getting the defamatory content removed.


Should you ignore it or attack it? When defamatory content spreads.

Internet defamation is one of those internet issues which requires careful consideration. On the one hand, the client is angry to see false and defamatory content posted on the internet and returned as a page one search result on Google. The first inclination is to jump in with both feet and hire an internet law attorney. But what every client must realize is that there are certain sign posts which tend to indicate when a problem can become a bigger problem by poking the monster. One bad post can become 10. One bad post or comment on a web site can become 10 web sites. You need to know when to fight and when to lick your wounds and wait for the post to dissolve to page 3 of the Google results. An internet defamation attorney can help you make those decisions and provide objective analysis. Proceed carefully or you may just make the situation worse. .

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