Injured while on Vacation in Las Vegas as a tourist or at a Casino?

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What to do if you get injured on vacation

If you do suffer an injury while on vacation it is vital that you notify the manager of your hotel, the manager of the amusement park, so there is a record of what happened. When you come home, you want to be able to access the person whom you notified and the documentation they created on the particulars of your accidentWhile on vacation the last thing anyone is thinking of is getting physically hurt. Nevertheless, this could happen. It's important to retain an attorney in the state (jurisdiction) where you were injured. The laws are not the same from state to state. Hiring a lawyer in your hometown who doesn't have a clue as to the law governing the state you were injured in would be useless. In addition, nine times out of ten, your local attorney is only licensed in your state.Summer vacations often involve travelling by car. That means there's always a chance that you may be in a car accident.


Be sure to keep police reports and documentation from the hospital and/or doctors.

Be sure to keep police reports and documentation from the hospital and/or doctors. Obtain a prognosis of your injury. Find out approximately how long you will be disabled, or how long the injury will affect your life. Be sure everything is documented. It is important that broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, dog bites, car accidents, slip and falls, internal injuries, wrongful deaths, or any other malfunction of the body is documented by the police and by a medical doctor, because these are causes for a personal injury legal case, and your lawyer will want this information.A serious injury can change your life forever.


Harmed at a hotel or recreational facility

If you were hurt in a slip and fall and injured , assaulted or otherwise seriously harmed at a hotel or recreational facility, you may have a personal injury claim against the owner. Many people who are injured at an amusement park, hotel or recreation facility do so while on vacation in the Las Vegas. Even if you already returned home, if required to file suit, the case will have to be filed in Las Vegas. The best course of action is to seek medical treatment in Las Vegas as soon as possible after the accident, and to seek local counsel from an attorney who knows your specific rights under the laws of Nevada.


Types of injuries that happen on vacation

Slip, Trip & Fall Car Crash Parking lot accidents Hotel elevator/escalator injuries Swimming pool and water park injuries A rental car accident, a slip in a restaurant, a fall on an uneven sidewalk, being robbed outside your hotel, or having your hotel room invaded can all change a vacation from a long anticipated event to a painful memory or nightmare.Amusement park ride injuries Golf resort and golf cart injuries Accidents at a winery, movie theaters or other attraction Your Las Vegas Vacation should be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons.


Dangerous conditions

Las Vegas hotel and resort owners must keep rooms, common areas, and parking lots safe from dangerous conditions. Any hazard, such as a slippery surface, should be marked and some kind of warning posted. Hotels and resorts also have the responsibility to keep their premises protected from criminal activity with adequate lighting, security personnel, and secure locks on the doors.



If a guest is injured or killed in a hotel or resort swimming pool, the hotel may be liable if any of the following conditions occurred. Lack of supervision Hotels must either provide a trained lifeguard or warn about the absence of one. If there is a lifeguard, he should paying adequate attention. There must also be enough supervision to cover all users of the swimming pool. Insufficient Water Depth Pools should have permanent, readable depth markings, especially under diving boards. Diving should not be allowed in shallow water. Pools should be completely filled with water. Low visibility or poor lighting Low lighting may be aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances the possibility of injury. Pools should be well lit, so any hazards can be seen. Lack of safety equipment Whether or not there is a lifeguard on duty, a pool should be equipped with life saving equipment. The equipment should be easy to find and accessible in an emergency.


Stop the Vacation, But Stay Where You Are

If a member of your family is injured while on vacation, of course you will seek medical attention as soon as possible. Often, once the injured person is made comfortable, many families attempt to continue with their plans and salvage what they can of the vacation. It is vitally important at this point to make sure you have documented the incident. Whether it be an auto accident, a slip and fall, or any other type of accident that may have been the result of the negligence of another, proper reporting and documentation of the incident itself and any subsequent medical treatment will be very important if you have to seek compensation at anytime in the future. If you do attempt to continue your activities, the responsible party may attempt to use this as evidence against the severity of the injury.


Manage Your Stress Level

If your child is injured they are probably going to feel responsible for ruining the family vacation. It is very important at this point that you make sure your child understands that the accident was not their fault and that no one is upset with them for being injured. Any undue stress or anxiety your child feels at this point will undoubtedly hinder their recovery, and their recovery is probably the most important thing on your mind right now. Often parents experience anxiety or post traumatic stress symptoms related to the accident and being aware of this possibility may help you to handle the symptoms should they appear. This is another reason to allow a professional to handle the details of any claim for you, because you have more important things to do right now to ensure the welfare of your family Vacations are designed to be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable times spent with your family. In the event that this fun is interrupted by a serious injury to a family member, you'll


Medical attention

Seek medical attention for you or anyone injured in an accident. As a healthcare worker, you understand that it could save your life, prevent permanent damage, or reduce the severity of your injuries. Report the accident. If you're in a motor vehicle accident, report it to the police and file a report. It will help protect your rights and keep anyone else involved from filing an unsubstantiated claim against you. If you slipped and fell while on vacation, file an incident report with management and ask for a copy of the report. Gather evidence. Evidence varies based on the type of accident, but generally you should take photos of injuries and anything pertaining to the accident that could "prove" who was responsible or help protect your legal rights. Collect information from other parties involved in the accident, as well as witnesses. If your accident was an auto collision, be sure to get their name, address, phone number, driver's license number, VIN, license plate number,

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