Initial Attorney Consultation - Do's & Don'ts

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Basic Information

When you call our office we will ask some basic information from you. Some of this information is obvious as to why we need it and some of the information is not. We need this information to do an initial diagnosis of your situation and to call the clerk's office in order to obtain information regarding your matter. We do not sell your information. Attorney/Client privileged means that we cannot reveal or be forced to reveal any information you provide. This initial interview is protected by Attorney Client privilege. Attorney Client privilege extends to the attorney's staff that is to paralegals and clerks. We will ask for your name, phone number, address, date of birth, what kind of case you have, your next court date, where you go for court, the amount of your bond and if you know your case number.


Quiet Area

Do- Try to be in a quiet area where you can talk to us and so you can concentrate and listen to our questions. Don't- Do not be in a public place when you call. Some things should not be talked about in public. Also do not be in a loud place with the tv or radio turned up or have screaming kids in the background. You need to be able to hear the attorney and he/she needs to be able to hear you clearly.


Listen Carefully

Do- Do listen carefully to the questions by the attorney or paralegal. Too much information in the initial interview will not benefit you or assist the attorney. Don't- Please do not just call and go into great detail of the case. We will structure the call and ask specific questions regarding your case. If we cut you off while you are giving an answer it is not because we are being rude but because we may not need to know that information or because the additional information may restrict us in our ability to help. Each case is unique; however, we have interviewed thousands of people. The purpose of the first interview is to provide you the opportunity to speak to the attorney about your matter.


Have Your Paperwork With You

Do- Do have your paperwork in front of you. We will be asking information that can be found on this paperwork. Don't- Do not "just wing it". The information that you give us from your paperwork is very important as it lets us know important details of your case, including your next court date and time, where you go for court, the amount of your bond, case number and in some cases what judge you appear in front of.



Do- We will ask about your criminal background. Have you been in trouble before? Please give us the most accurate information that you can regarding your background. Including where you went to court, what you were charged with, the outcome of the case, what was the sentence that you received and when the sentence was completed,, and how long ago the case was completed. If you don't know the exact dates or disposition we can find out. Don't- Do not hide minimize or hide your background from us. We need to know what exactly is in your background in order to truly know what we are up against and in order to be able to advise you properly.


Greater Details too follow

This is the first of many times you will talk to the attorneys. We will go into greater details of your matter later in discussions. If you go into your first consultation with these things in mind it will make it easier for the attorney to assist you in your matter. The initial interview will provide the basis for helping you.

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