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Important tips to remember if you are pulled over for a DUI in Califronia

Posted by attorney Michael Bialys

Here are some helpful tips that you may wish to remember if you are ever stopped or investigated for a DUI. Knowing your rights is more than half the battle!

1) You don't have to tell law enforcement, how much you had to drink, or for that matter if you had anything to drink at all.

2) You are not required take a PAS (Perlinmary Alcohol Screening) Test.

3) You are not required take or perform any Field Sobriety Tests.

4) You MUST take a chemical Blood or Breath test only after you are arrested.

Good Luck,

Drive Safe and be Cafreful

Michael Bialys Esq.

Additional resources provided by the author

California Department of Motor vehicles
The DUI MAN web site

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