Lawyers and Laws

Certain attorneys like to focus their practice, while others have a more general approach. In today's economy you see many smaller firms, and even bigger firms, extending their usual practice to include things like Personal Injury, Foreclosure, and Family Law. Throughout my time as an attorney I have had a chance to practice family law here and there.


Family Law

As an attorney it is nice to be able to pick and choose your field preference when it comes to the law. I have spoken with numerous friends and colleagues, about why I practice immigration law and why I do not particularly like family law, more specifically dissolution of marriages. It is not that I do not like family law, it is more of a personal choice of avoiding watching families fall apart. Now it is a necessary law, as some spouses are just down right awful to their loved ones. But, in a whole I can firmly say, people never really win in a divorce, they just get out. Granted, sometimes people really need to get out and as such it is a success. However, I will leave those cases to the other attorneys out there. I perfer immigration law.


Immigration Law

As opposed to family law, in immigration you are not fighting a case against another person, you are working against the government and their interpretation of the law. Meaning, there are no kids on the otherside of the courtroom, there is a government entity. So while the confrontation and zealousness is the same in both fields, in immigration there is only the government and your clients. And in immigration people do win, not all the time, but when they do it is a wonderful sense of relief for the clients and accomplishment for the attorney. An all around good feeling, plus on the otherside, the government does not have feelings to be hurt. So all around a win is a win. A good feeling, and a field of law I definitely enjoy.