Request an ALR hearing

In Texas, we have what is called the law of implied consent. Upon a person's refusal to submit to a breath and/or blood test, the Texas Department of Public Safety automatically suspends that person's driving privileges. The ALR suspension is automatic unless you request a hearing on the issue, in writing, within 15 days after receiving notice of suspension from the arresting agency on a Department of Public Safety. If a hearing has not been timely requested, the suspension will automatically begin on the fortieth (40th) day after notice was received. If a hearing is requested, no action will be taken regarding suspension until after the hearing and all appeals have occurred.


Hire an attorney

You can either request an ALR hearing yourself using the DPS form provided on their website, or hire an attorney to request one for you. Search the web and speak with several different attorneys to make sure that the one you hire is experienced in handling DWI cases. Don't simply ask around for the cheapest attorney, as this is not the best indicator as to whom will work the hardest on your case.