Who Is Investigated ?

A person becomes a suspect in a crime when the police target a person for investigation. Sometimes innocent people become targets of investigation, and sometimes the police become involved after a crime has been completed but no one was arrested. Regardless of the situation if you find yourself under investigation you need to speak with a lawyer before you talk to the police. Often, people do not understand the exact nature of the crimes they are being accused of, and if they do they don't know how their words might hurt them. Getting locked into a defense at the beginning of your case is never a good idea, especially when you don't know what kinds of charges the police might be considering. Instead of limiting your options you should talk to a lawyer who will use his expertise to advise you of all your options.


How do You Know If you are being Investigated?

A lot of times Detectives will want to contact a person they are investigating. Often, the reason they want to do this is that they want to make a bad case better. If the evidence they have is inconclusive adding a confession to that evidence will make the case very difficult to beat. So, if a Detective wants to talk to you and you do not feel you are the victim of a crime it is important that you talk to a lawyer before you talk to the Detective.


What If I Just Explain My Side of the Story?

Wanting to explain your side of is a natural impulse, and makes sense if there is someone on the other side listening with an open mind. The problem is that you do not have a relationship with the detective. He or she does not get paid to dismiss cases or ignore accusations. Giving your side of the story will only make sure that your lawyer cannot explore every possible defense that could get you acquitted. However, if a lawyer speaks on your behalf those statements cannot be used against you (in the hands of a skillful lawyer). Hiring a lawyer gives you the benefit of both worlds. You can continue to maintain your innocence and you will have the best chance of avoiding criminal charges.


How Should I Choose my Lawyer?

You need to hire a lawyer who understands your situation and knows exactly how to tackle it. We will talk to you in depth before you talk to police. We will make sure that you decide whether or not speaking with the police is a good idea only after deep and significant consultation with your attorneys. We will use our decades of combined experience to prepare you for all the possible questions the police might ask you. Then and only then will you make a decision about speaking to the police.



I often tell my clients that finding out you are under investigation is like getting a medical diagnosis. You need to take it one step at a time. The worst thing you can do is ignore what is happening. It's true in medicine and it's true in the law. The second worst thing you can do is follow the advice of people who are not experts at what they do. Getting good legal counsel will help you deal with this stressful situation, and increase your odds of walking away in complete freedom.