If I was in a car accident in Arizona, do I have to accept an offer for less than the cost of repair

Christopher J Zachar

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Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

Posted March 26, 2012

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** Car Accidents** can sometimes be complex matters. Not only do many factors come into play as who is liable as well as who's insurance will cover the damages/injuries, but also settlements can also be sometimes very complex. In a case like this it is advised that you seek the guidance of a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney who has experience in handling cases like yours. If you feel you are in need of an Arizona Accident Lawyer, please be sure to call Zachar Law Firm directly at 602.494.4800 to schedule a free no obligation consultation. You can also chat with our Live support staff at http://www.zacharassociates.com to get responses and answers in real time. Protect your rights.

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