I was convicted of a felony, how can I get my rights to carry a firearm if I live in Tennessee?

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If I get my rights restored would I be able to carry a firearm in the future?

Under federal law, all individuals who have been convicted of a felony in state or federal court are prohibited from carrying a firearm under federal law. However, an individual who has had their rights restored under State law may be eligible to possess a firearm upon successfully petitioning the court for a restoration of rights. Under Tennessee law, individuals who have been convicted of a felony involving use or attempted use of force, violence, or a deadly weapon or who have been convicted of a felony drug offense are prohibited from possessing a gun under Tenn. Code Ann. 39-17-1307; therefore, those particular felons regardless of whether or not they get their rights restored would not be eligible under Tennessee law to possess a firearm. However, the Tennessee handgun permit law allows a person with a prior felony conviction for marijuana to obtain a hangun permit after passage of 10 years from the date of the conviction if they have had their rights restored.


If a restoration of rights would help me get my right to carry a firearm, then what?

If you are eligible to get your rights restored and such restoration would enable you to carry a firearm then you will need to file a petition in the county where the conviction occurred or in the county where you live to restore your full citizenship rights. This requires proof that you have lived a respectable life and have been a good citizen since the date of your conviction. Contact an attorney to file the petition on your behalf.

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