I am guilty. Why can a criminal defense lawyer do for me?

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A good criminal defense attorney might be able to find a way to defend a client, even if the client is guilty.

Our legal system gives many rights to the accused. If the police gathered evidence illegally, sometimes there is a way to get the evidence suppressed. Moreover, sometimes the accused is guilty of something, but is not guilty of everything. An example might be where a person stole an item. The person is guilty of theft. But the authorities are also accusing the person of robbery, a much more serious offense. A savvy and experienced defense attorney may be able to get the charge reduced to something that is appropriate under the circumstances, with much reduced consequences.


A capable and experienced attorney may be able to mitigate the adverse consequences, even for a guilty client.

Savvy Criminal defense attorneys are able to negote reduced punishment for their clients. In some cases, the defense attorney's advocacy on behalf of the client can pave the way to dismissal of the criminal charge. In other cases, the attorney's work can result in a reduction of the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. The defense attorney's advocacy on behalf of the client can result in reduced jail time. Additionally, the defense attorney may be able to pave the way for the client to qualify for expungement.

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