If I choose to leave my current employer, will this affect my visa status in process?

The E, H, L, TN and O nonimmigrant visas are employer-specific. Therefore, if you leave your current employer and wish to remain in the U.S., you will need to immediately find another U.S. employer who will sponsor you. The permanent residence process requires that you intend to work with the petitioning employer on a permanent at-will basis. Nonetheless, a permanent resident application can become "portable" to another employer six months after filing the adjustment of status application if any new employment is substantially similar to the labor certification/visa petition employment.


What Can I file to Protect my Status?

You have the option of filing a change of status to B-2 visitor, for F-1 Student. If your spouse as an employment visa, (H-1B or L-1), you can change to a dependent visa. You can also file to change employers if you are an H-1B, and if there are H-1B visas available with a new employer you can change from L-1 or E-2 status to that new employer. Consult a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer before taking any steps, however, to ensure that you maintain your legal status.