What to Tell Your Doctor After Getting Hurt in a Car Accident

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You were in an accident..... Tell the Doctor.

Remind the physician that the injuries you are treating for are a result of an automobile accident. Physicians are not in the business of determining "why" you are hurting, they are trained to treat and cure you. Ask them politely to record the fact that you were in an automobile accident and that is why you are treating.


You only recover for injuries that are "related" to the accident.

Ask the physician to relate your symptoms to trauma you sustained in the automobile accident. If true, explain to the doctor that you have "never" had treatment for similar injuries. Most physicians will be happy to evaluate whether your injuries are pre existing or directly related to the accident.


You are not a Doctor.....so don't self diagnose or treat on your own.

Follow the physicians instructions and never tell him you don't want to take his advice. If you prefer not to have a procedure done or you don't want to take medication talk to your attorney before telling your physician. Once the physician records your decision in the medical records the insurance company may deny the treatment in the future should you change your mind.


Your treatment is not over until the doctor says it's over.

Luckily, most injured clients treat and their symptoms heal as time passes. You want to make sure that you make one last follow up with your physician to discuss any future damages. For example.... ask your physician if he or she can give you a "PPD" rating. A "Permanent Partial Disability" rating measures your strength and flexibility. The injury you sustained in the car accident may have left you with a permanent problem in one of these areas. If so, a PPD rating can translate into pain and suffering which you are entitled to recover from the negligent driver.

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