How to start a legal adult website or adult film business

Here are some of the laws that you will have to comply with: 18 U.S.C. 2257 The Federal Adult Disclosure and Labeling law; Including the Amber Alert Laws, H.R. 4472 and the various amendments; Obscenity and Pornography laws; (Both State and Federal); The D.M.C.A. Digital Millennium Copyright Act; Copyright laws; Licensing laws; Trademark laws; Laws of Publicity and Entertainment law; A host of state regulations and laws. Now these are not the only laws and regulations you need to comply with but I wanted to give you a flavor for the type of business you are getting into. If I were a "newbie" thinking about entering the adult industry I would sit down with a qualified adult film attorney or go to a legal seminar so that you can cover your legal bases.


How to find your niche in the adult industry

Your next step is to look at the different profit models in porn. The porn business is huge and there are more ways than starting an adult website or filming an adult film to make money. One of my clients makes over forty million dollars a year hosting and billing for adult companies. He takes no risk yet enjoys the benefits of the adult industry. You should become informed with the adult industries unique terms, niches and profit centers. After deciding on what type of porn business I am comfortable with I would come up with a budget...girls don't get naked for free. I may want to get investors. Your adult attorney can help you with this part of your business plan. Finally, I would be flexible in my business plan. I have seen so many people start this business with rigid business plans and miss opportunities that present themselves along the way.