Contact the Illinois Prisoner Review Board

In seeking a pardon the first step is to contact the Illinois Prisoner Review Board by letter. The Board will send you an application for a pardon.


The Application Process

In completing the pardon application it will be necessary to provide the case number, court location, date of conviction, the name of the prosecutor, and the name of the judge in the case involving the felony conviction. You also must summarize your present activities within the community where you reside. This will include information concerning employment, education and positive involvement in community affairs. The judge and the prosecutor involved in the case must receive a copy of the pardon application. Once the application is submitted, you will have an opportunity to appear before the Prisoner Review Board to request a pardon. After the hearing, the Review Board will make a recommendation to the sitting Governor of the State of Illinois regarding your application for a pardon. In general, the results of the pardon request are available within 10 months, but the Governor is not legally required to take action on any petition.