How to Protect Yourself If You Are Involved In A Traffic Accident

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Police Report

Make sure that a police report is made and that it is accurate. As soon as it is available, you should obtain a copy of the police report, if you can. Ensure that any helpful witnesses are listed on the report.


Be Careful About Who You Talk To

In order to ensure that your insurance coverage is in place, you should talk to and cooperate with your insurance company. It is preferable that you do this with your attorney's assistance. However, you do not have to talk with the other driver's insurance company, attorney or investigators. It is a good practice to refrain from doing this as nothing good can come from it.


Preserve Evidence of Your Injuries and Damage to the Vehicles

Take pictures, take pictures and when you are done, take more pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. Once you heal, it is hard to fully explain how serious your injuries were. The best evidence are pictures of your head injuries, facial laceration, broken bones, cuts and bruises. In addition, the extent of the damage to your car will often be disputed in litigation after your car is repaired. So, once again, document the extent of the damages by taking pictures of both your car and any other vehicles involved. If you don't have a camera, use your camera phone. Once you take the pictures, send a digital copy to your attorney and keep the originals backed up and in a safe place.


Show Up and Testify Against the Other Driver in Traffic Court

You must attend the traffic court hearing and testify as to how the accident happened. If you do not, the other driver will not be found guilty. Many times, a guilty conviction can be used against the other driver in your case.


Keep All Dcotors Appointments and Get the Care you Need to Get Better

Obviously, your health is more important than anything else discussed here. You should continue to treat with your doctors until you are well. If you fail to treat with your doctors, miss appointments, or treat sporadically, the insurance company will claim that you are not really hurt.


Consult an Experienced Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury litigation involves high stakes. You should know your rights. You should be familiar with who all of the potential liable parties are and what levels of insurance are available. An experienced injury lawyer will be able to guide you through this process and earn their fee many times over.

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