How to Obtain a Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Identification Number and/or Sales License

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Realize This is Only Part of the Process

Getting your tax identification numbers is only part of the process. For the documentation of your corporation or limited liability company to be complete you will also need several internal documents, such as an operating agreement. You may also need to file additional tax forms, such as the forms needed to become an S corporation. Keeping all of this straight is why you need a team of advisors, including an attorney and tax advisor.


Complete Colorado Department of Revenue Form CR 100

The form needed to get a tax identification number is located on the Colorado Department of Revenue's website at The questions on the form are pretty much self-explanatory, and again your attorney or tax advisor can help you if you find any of the questions confusing.


Make two photocopies

You'll need to send the original and one photocopy to the Department of Revenue, so make an extra photocopy for your own records.


Deliver to the Colorado Department of Revenue

Once complete, you can either mail the form to the Colorado Department of Revenue or take it to any Taxpayer Service Center. In either case, you'll need to include a copy of your valid Colorado picture ID (license, etc.). To Mail: Send original and one copy, along with a good quality copy of your photo ID to Colorado Department of Revenue Denver, CO 80261-0013 To Walk-In: The Denver Taxpayer Service Center is at 1375 Sherman Street. Locations of other Taxpayer Service Centers can be found at Fees: * Standard Sales Tax License-- $50 deposit (refunded after $50 in state sales tax is paid and remitted) and $16, $12, $8, or $4 (prorated in six-month increments). The deposit is required for the first business location only on a sales tax account. *


Don't Forget to Pay the Fee

If you are don't need a sales tax license, no fee is required to file the form. Otherwise, the fees are as follows: Standard Sales Tax License-- $50 deposit (refunded after $50 in state sales tax is paid and remitted) PLUS either $16, $12, $8, or $4 (prorated in six-month increments depending on when you file, see the last page of the form)


Tickle for Folllow-Up

With state agencies, don't assume no news is good news. If you don't receive a response within six weeks, contact the Department of Revenue to see if there is a problem.

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