Find and Review your Court Order

Locate the Court Order that requires you to pay child support. Locate the provisions that apply to your child support obligation.


Check your filing history with the Court

Have you filed a Petition to Modify Child Support within the last two years. Georgia Law only allows you to file a Modification of Child Support once every two years. You are allowed to file for a Modification immediately upon the entry of an Initial Order, but after you file your first Modification Action, you can only subsequently file again once every two years.


Gather your Financial Information

In order to help reduce the billable hours that your Attorney spends on your case, make it easy for the Attorney by gathering all of your financial information prior to consulting with him/her. If you have recent pay stubs, or letters showing you have been terminated from your employment they will be of great help to your attorney.


Gather financial information from the other parent

This isn't always possible, but it will help if you have information regarding the other parent's income. Child Support in Georgia is based on a shared income model. The Child Support Worksheet that must be filed with the Court in all Modification of Child Support Actions must include financial information of both parents.


Hire an Attorney to prepare your Pleadings

It is important that you file all of the proper Pleadings in the appropriate Court. If you have a Foreign Order, then you may have to Domesticate a Foreign Judgment before you are allowed to file in your County of Residence. It is critical that all of the correct pleadings are filed with the appopriate Court, that jurisdiction is proper, and that service is perfected prior to you going to Court. You will need to file a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit, a Child Support Worksheet, and other critical documents in addition to your Petition for Modification of Custody. Your Pleadings will need to be properly verified, and you should definitely consult with an Attorney before filing.


Talk to your Attorney about keeping costs down

Communicate with your Attorney (or even better, his/her paralegal) about how to effectively keep your costs down. Ask your Attorney what you can do to keep the costs down. The more prepared you are and the more work you put in, the less your legal costs should be.


Be patient

The Court system can be a slow process, but if you are equipped with a good Attorney and have patience, you will ultimately achieve the results you are seeking if you remain patient and listen to your Attorney.