Retain an Attorney Who Emphasizes DUI Defense in Washington

Many attorneys, including myself, will recommend that when you have been charged with DUI in Washington State, it is in your best interest to obtain an alcohol evaluation from a state certified alcohol and drug treatment center by a qualified chemical dependency professional as soon as possible. This evaluation, although not required by courts unless a conviction (even a conviction for a charge originally filed as DUI and amended to a lesser offense) occurs, is useful in the criminal process. Many prosecutors are interested in any proactive steps a defendant has taken when faced with the allegation of DUI and by obtaining an evaluation early in the game, it can assist with negotiations and help minimize the consequences of a DUI charge.


Ask Your Attorney about Completing a DUI Victim Panel

In addition to the alcohol evaluation, many attorneys will have their clients complete a DUI Victim Panel ahead of any conclusion in the case. Again, this is so that a defendant can show a prosecutor, and ultimately the court, that you are taking responsibility for being charged with DUI without admitting any guilt. Follow these two steps and it can (although no guarantee can be made and it will depend upon the court, your case and other factors) help minimize the consequences of a DUI charge.