Effect of a DUI conviction on a CDL holder in Ohio

There is a one year CDl disqualification for any first offense DUI/OVI. There is a lifetime disqualification for second in lifetime conviction after 9-30-05.


Exceptions to the CDL disqualification

There is a loophole for convictions if they are under a municipal ordinance instead of the state revised code. That loophole is being closed soon though.


Physical Control vs DUI/OVI

There is no CDL disqualification for physical control convictions.


Serious Traffic Violations

Can also disqualifiy the CDL holder for 60 days on the second offense and 120 days for the third offense during a three year period. DUI's are serious violations and other less obvious violations are also serious such as speeding can be also if its 15 mph or more over the limit.


There are no CDL privileges when suspended

Keep in mind, in Ohio, there are NO CDL limited driving privileges for CDL holders. In otherwords, if your license gets suspended for any reason, and you receive limited driving privileges for employment purposes, you still cannot operate a commercial vehicle even if that is your job.