Figure out the type of warrant: alias or capias

An alias warrant of arrest will issue if you have failed to appear or otherwise dispose of your traffic case. Lifting the warrant will get your case back on track. A capias warrant issues when you enter a no contest or guilty plea or are found guilty, and then fail to pay or comply with terms of a deferred disposition. there are many types of conditions that can be part of a deferred disposition: drivers safety class, community service, no further violations, attendance at an alcohol awareness class, etc.


Lifting an alias warrant by posting a cash bond

If an alias warrant has issued you can post a cash bond. It will be high enough to cover whatever fines may be imposed, although you can get back any amount not applied to the fine, or all of it if the case is dismissed.


Lifting an alias warrant by posting an attorney bond

You can get an alias warrant lifted if you hire an attorney to post a bond. You can usually get both a bond and representation for less than a cash bond. The attorney's bond gives you a new period to make your appearance in a timely manner, and all further appearances that may be required.


Ask the court

See the judge and ask for a court date. Some courts will exercise their discretion this way, some won't. Even if you are denied you still have option 1 and 2 available. The sooner the better, and the better the excuse the more likely your request will be granted.