Copy Your File at DMV

Have a clerk at DMV make a copy of the paperwork they have in your file. This will help your lawyer properly advise you about whether or not witness and officer subpoenas should be issued. An experienced DUI attorney will know whether the officer submitted the required paperwork and whether or not there are defenses to the initial driver's license suspension imposed by the officer.


Interview 3 lawyers.

Take your DMV file to three separate lawyers. Have each one explain how they will approach your defense. After you interview all three attorneys, you will have a good idea about which one knows how to defend someone charged with DUI. In Florida, it is not necessary to hire an attorney unless the state makes a 'jail' offer or you want to fight the DUI. This is because you can plead 'no contest' to a first-offense and typically receive the state-mandated minimum penalties which do not include jail time. However, if your blood alcohol level is over a .15 or there is property damage or injury, penalties will be enhanced upon conviction. In order to fight the case, you'll need a case that's 'win-able' and a DUI attorney who specializes in defending DUI cases.