I paid my lawyer and he never did any work for me.

Lawyers are paid for not only work actually preformed, but for their time, advice and expertise. If you didn't receive anything of value and you have talked to your lawyer and cannot resolve the dispute take the next step.


File a Written Fee Dispute with the State Bar of Nevada

Go to www.nvbar.org. That is the State Bar of Nevada's Website. The State Bar oversees lawyer conduct and behavior and controls licensing. Click on Fee Dispute. Fill out the form and attach any relevant paperwork you have (maybe a retainer agreement and copy of your check or receipt). Explain what your concern is, how you tried to resolve it first with the lawyer and why you need help. Send the original form to the State Bar


What the State Bar will Do.

The State Bar will contact you and let you know if your case has been assigned a mediator or an arbitrator and will let you know the name, address and phone number of that person. Your dispute has to be for a dollar amount $250.00 or greater. If it is more than $250.00, but less than $10,000.00, you will be assigned one mediator or one arbitrator. The mediator, who is a lawyer, will try to help you and the other side reach an agreement. If that doesn't work, the State Bar will assign a different lawyer to arbitrate your case and make a final decision. If the fees in dispute are more than $10,000.00, the State Bar will assign a three member arbitration panel to hear the dispute. The panel will be made up of two lawyers and one member of the public who is not a lawyer. The panel will hear what you the client have to say, what the lawyer has to say and will review any documents you each provide. After the hearing, a written decision will be issued.


What happens after a Decision is issued?

The party who is ordered to pay or refund money, must follow the decision of the arbitrator. If the party fails to do so, then a lawsuit may need to be filed in Court. If that is necessary, the State Bar may provide you with a free attorney to help you. Usually, attorneys follow whatever decision is made by the Fee Dispute Member.