First one must schedule a Civil Revocation Hearing.

The Civil Revocation Hearing must be requested within 10 days of the arrest date. An AOC Form is to be filed with the Clerk's Office.


The Clerk's Office must schedule the Civil Revocation Hearing within 3 days of the requestbefore a Magistrate or within 5 days in front of a Judge.

The Clerk in our county will generally calendar Civil Revocation Hearings 3 days after the request.


The Magistrate will rule upon the Affidavits in the file, unless request asks that the Officer be present to testify to his affidavit.

The Magistrate or Judge will either rule on the affidavits in the file if the Officer is not subpoenaed or have a hearing listening to both the Officer and Defense. If the Defense wins, then the Defendant is returned their license. Further, the Magistrate rescinds the revocation.