How to Fight a New York City Parking Ticket

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I Just Received a NYC Parking Ticket, What's Next?

Take a photograph of your vehicle in the parking space in which your parking ticket was issued BEFORE driving off in anger. Please be sure to include the parking sign, a land mark, or a building with a visible street address so you can clearly identify the location of your parking space.


Check for Mistakes on the Front of the Parking Ticket

The Rules require a parking ticket warrior to enter certain bite size bits of information on the front of a parking ticket called "Required Elements." If a required element, such as the make, body type, plate, registration expiration date, among others, are omitted, badly described, or illegible, a parking ticket will be dismissed upon application to the Parking Violation Bureau.


Can I Still Fight, if there are No Mistakes?

Yes. If there are no mistakes on the front of a NYC parking ticket, the next step is to ascertain whether there are any substantive defenses to the parking crime. For example, if a member of the driving public is issued a parking ticket for violating a NO STANDING Rule, a substantive defense to this violation is to prove you were stopped temporarily to discharge or pick up a passenger. Another example is to defend a parking ticket for violating a Fire Hydrant Rule by proving you were parked more than fifteen (15) feet from the pump. I suggest you resist ranting, or making up a defense based upon intuition because you will absolutely, positively lose the case. Do your homework, ask an expert; but please make sure the defense you raise is a legal defense to your parking ticket


Present the Proper Proof, Properly

Parking ticket judges will dismiss s parking ticket if presented with the proper proof properly. For example, if a member of the driving public claims a parking ticket warrior issued a parking ticket for the wrong violation, the proper defense is to submit overlapping photographs of the entire block showing all the parking signs on the entire block. The photographs should also include close up views of the parking signs so a judge can clearly read the rule displayed on the parking sign, Please resist asking a parking ticket judge to take your word for it. In God we trust, but show a judge the evidence. Do not waste your time informing the judge you never received a parking ticket, you only double parked for a second to run into the store to buy a newspaper, or all the other vehicles were parked illegally; but your vehicle was the only one ticketed. These worn out excuses do not work. When you're right--FIGHT. When you're wrong--apply for a fine reduction.

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