Economic Damages

Economic Damages can be broken down into two categories: (1) Lost Wages and (2) Medical Bills. Lost wages are those wages that can be proven were lost due to the medical negligence. In this down economy, insurance companies are questioning all of the lost wages alleged as many people have lost their jobs prior to any negligence happening or would have lost their jobs regardless of the alleged negligence. Medical bills are those bills that were actually paid by the health insurance company and the amount paid by the individual. They also include any post care bills that are necessary because of the alleged negligence. The bills must be due to the alleged negligence and not include medical bills that would have been incurred regardless of the negligence. All of these items should be categorized and totaled.


Non-Economic Damages

Generally, non-economic damages are damages that cannot be easily calculated. They include pain and suffering, loss of support of the person affected, disfigurement, mental anguish and other damages in this same realm of physical and emotional loss due to the negligence. One way non-economic damages are figured is based on a multiplier. The severity of the injury, the age of the individual, and the severity of the negligence all go into determining that multiplier. Whether the multiplier is 2 or 10, it will multiply the economic damages by the multiplier to obtain the value of the case. Therefore, if the economic damages amount to $400,000, and the multiplier of the case is "5", the value of the case is then $2 million.