How to determine whether you need a NY traffic ticket lawyer

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Determine whether it is a moving violation that accrues points

Broken tail lights, equipment violations (except brakes), tinted windows, and the like, do not carry points in New York State. If you receive one of these tickets, the best thing to do is pay it. You can find out whether the ticket you received carries points by calling 1-877-99-NO-TIX.


If it carries points, how many?

With the skyrocketing insurance rates, in today's day and age you must fight all "point" moving violations. You must also fight other tickets that do not accrue DMV "points" but are a major insurance violations such as leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license. Further, a conviction that accrues 6 or more points to your driver's license results in a fine in addition to the one levied by the court in the minimum amount of $300.00. Our law firm strives to reduce the points, prevent insurance increases, and also gives a money back guarantee.


What to do when pulled over

To make your ticket easier to fight, do as follows: 1. Be polite 2. Answer the question 'do you know why I stopped you' or 'do you know what the speed limit is' with "no." 3. Make no admissions as to your guilt 4. NEVER consent to the search of your vehicle NO MATTER WHAT! 5. If ordered out of your car, roll your windows up, turn your car off, lock the doors and put the keys in your pocket.

Additional Resources

Don't just fight that ticket - attack it at Attack That Ticket dot Com!

Palumbo & Assoiates Website

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