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How to Choose the Right Attorney for your Criminal Case

Posted by attorney Kimberly Frye

Many people wonder how they should go about choosing an attorney to represent them in their case. The internet does a great job of giving a person looking for an attorney lots of options. However, trying to pick an attorney over the phone or just over the internet is a mistake. This person will have your life and future in their hands. Please interview more than one and don't decide just based on price. Here are some steps to take:

  1. Check out reviews-both positive and negative.

  2. Narrow your list to 5 or so attorneys.

  3. Call to make an appointment with at least 3. Take note of how you are treated during that call.

  4. Gather up all your paperwork from your arrest- take it with you to every appointment.

  5. Go to every consultation appointment even if you liked the first one you saw.

  6. Share the facts about your situation.

  7. Make a list of what you liked and did not like about each one.

  8. Do not decide just on price- this is your future.

  9. You will be dealing with this person and office for several months, pick one that you trust.

  10. If you feel something is not right, share your concerns with your lawyer.

If you work on the above while you are searching, you are most likely to be confident in your decision.

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