What to do?

What type of lawyer do you need? Have you been arrested? Have you been sued? Do you need to sue someone? Have you been in a car or motorcycle accident? Have you been injured at work? Is it traffic citation? Have you demed someone? Are you being jsharassed rased by family member or. irrcutent current or former sexual partner? Do you own a business? There are dozens and dozens of fields of law. Often criminal law is the easiest to recognize from t.v. the law,doesn't work like t.v. figure out and write down what has happened ro you. Do ument everything. Save papers. Figure out if there are witnesses for you. Be polite. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Go above and beyond kindness and always say please and thank you. If you don't know what field of law,you need call the BAR association for the county that you live in. They often have free lawyer referral services. Never settle on interviewing just one lawyer. interview many.


Get a lawyer for life

When you interview a lawyer make sure they listen to you. They should have a neat office. Professional staff. Be courteous and polite to you. They should be honored to have you as a client. I always tell my clients I want to be their lawyer for life and not jist for one case.


How do i know?

Is the lawyer neat or is their office a mess? Keep the neat one. How,old are they? How many cases have they handled? Are they active in their bar association? Do they dress well? Do they know the court judges and personnel and know their background and dispositions? Will th charge you a reasonable fee and be honest and professional to you? Do you get arepresent you. Javs good feeling from them? A lawyer should want to help you and be honored to represent you and your family? Do you have a good feeling and warm and non pressured belief from them? Does the lawyer exude confidence to you? Is the lawyer well spoken? These are honest straight forward things to think about. Your lawyer will never get a second chance to make a first impression on you and your family.



Does your lawyer communicate with you? Return your calls? Call you at home? Call you at work? Copy you on correspondence? Email you? Make an effort to keep you informed personally and in writing? Do they go to court with you or send a lesser experienced lawyer/ communication is key.