How to Choose a Good Lawyer for your legal matter.

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Finding Attorneys in Las Vegas based on area of law

There are a number of places to find out what attorneys are in Las Vegas and what areas of law they work in. "Areas of law" could also be called "fields of practice" or "focus."Certainly, is a great place to start the search. Other places include, a general search, and the Nevada State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at


Find out what experience the lawyer has

Once you have a list of attorneys, you can Google search them to see if they have websites or have been in the news. The,,, and websites may also contain profiles of the attorneys you are interests in.Next, you would want to go to the Nevada Bar Website and look up the lawyers to see when they were admitted to practice law in Nevada: that if there are several years between graduation from law school and admittance to the Nevada Bar, this could be because the lawyer could not pass the Nevada bar for a long time, or it could simply mean the lawyer was practicing law in other States.If a lawyer claims to be a specialist or expert or says that they specialize in an area of law, make sure you check with the Nevada State Bar whether this is true. If the lawyer is lying about his or her qualities, you may want to reconsider hiring them.


Find out how much the lawyers will charge

You really should call around and/or consult with attorneys to determine how much they will charge. Sometimes they may charge an initial consultation and actually be a lot less expensive once you retain them than an attorney who offers free consultations. This could be because a paid consultation may result in the lawyers learning a lot about your case for only the price of the consultation, whereas the free consultation may be limited to 15 minutes, after which the attorney charges you $250 to $400 per hour to learn your case.Paid consultations also means the attorney may be more likely to give you the straight truth about your matter, whereas a free attorney may be more interested in closing the sale of his or her services than in telling you whether you have a good case or not.Do not be afraid of paying for consultations. Also, do not be afraid to ask for a budget. An experienced attorney should be able to give a loose budget for your entire case so you can plan.


Find out the personality of the attorneys on your list,, and the lawyers' own websites can give you an idea about the personality of the attorneys, however, you will want to know whether you can stand the person you are entrusting your life to. This is why it is imperative you have an initial consultation. At the consultation, you can gauge whether the attorney cares about you or your case, is too busy being interrupted by other business, presents a professional atmosphere, and has a winning personality. Sometimes the best counselors are the ones that are not afraid to tell you the truth about hour legal position. Keep that in mind. They are less likely to steal from you. A good advocate will analyze your case with you and give you a roadmap and choices. A good advocate will keep the lines of communication open and will be responsive to calls and e-mails. You have to be, of course, a good client too. Expect a good attorney to treat a good client very well.

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