How to avoid or minimize immigration problems

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It's important to avoid or minimize any problems that could affect your immigration process. This guide will walk you through making your immigration process as smooth as possible.


Be aware!

Be aware of your particular status and what you can and cannot do under that status, especially in relation to employment. Be aware of the expiration dates of your immigration documents (I-94, Passport, I-20, DS-2019, visa etc.) and calendar each expiration date with a reminder to review or take action at least 6 months ahead of time.


Be Proactive

If you want to make changes in your employment that will affect your immigration status, educate yourself on what to do when. Make such decisions and take actions toward such changes with your immigration situation in mind. Being proactive rather than reactive can save you a lot of problems, time and money.


Change of Address

Until you become a U.S. citizen, and even as a permanent resident, you are required to notify the USCIS of any change in your address. There is a time period in which you must do so. You can now submit notice online at the USCIS website at There is no fee. It is a simple and effortless step that many people overlook - but is a very important step.


Don't Wait

If you are looking at obtaining permanent resident status, especially through employment, the sooner you start the process the better. Many people breathe a sigh of relief when they obtain temporary status and put off dealing with immigration until it is either too late or is so late that stress increases. The line for a green card through employment is very very long and the sooner you are in line the sooner you will get to the front.


Clean Hands!

Make sure that you abide by all the laws of the USA, including with regard to filing taxes, avoiding problems with the police, serious traffic incidents etc. Any one of these could impact your immigration status or journey towards permanent residency.


Be Wise

There is a wealth of immigration information online, but be wise how you filter that information and use it. By all means educate yourself about the basics but seek advice from a knowledgeable immigration attorney before moving forward. Many offer free consultations. Avoid scams and notarios.

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