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How Much Does It Cost to Get Divorced?

Posted by attorney Brian Victor


As a family law attorney who practices at the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor in San Diego where it is costly to live, one of the first questions a client asks me is, “what is the cost to get divorced?" The question is legitimate because unless you have gotten divorced or are a family law attorney, you probably do not know what is involved in the divorce process or how much it may cost. When I hear this question, I don’t think that the perspective client wants the cheapest attorney in the city to help them with their matter, because you usually get what you pay for. I think this is more of an educational question both for them. I usually ask the client to provide details about their situation including how long they were married, whether they have children, own a residence, have bank accounts, stocks and mutual funds. In return, I educate the client, by informing them that unless there is a stipulation or other agreement, the court will need to make orders in regards to the matters mentioned above. Honestly, there is no magic number to tell clients as to the cost for getting divorced. Each matter is different and the final cost also depends upon many factors including; the cooperation of their spouse, which is hard to determine and can fluctuate during the length of the court matter. The greater the complications as the matter proceeds the greater the costs. Court continuances, hiring specific experts, and a trial, including preparation for the trial will all increase costs. The client should be aware that completing required documents in a timely manner will avoid having their lawyer call or write them, and this will help lower costs. I am upfront with my clients about the difficulty in assessing the final costs of divorce and I explain to them what they can do to help lower the cost of the divorce process. Remember, the more you cooperate with your lawyer, the better the chance you can keep costs down resulting in a more affordable divorce.

Written by Attorney Brian A. Victor of the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor


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