How is child support calculated in California?

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Review FC sections 4050 to 4055

Family Code section 4053 lists principles to be followed by the Court in implementing the guidelines. This is a statute worth reviewing, and using to remind family court judges of what our California State child support policy is. All statutes are listed on our website with this link:


California Family Code section 4055 sets forth the formula used in Riverside County

California Family Code section 4055 sets forth the formula for assessing guideline support. Don't even bother to look at it, you will need to be a mathematician or logics teacher to understand or explain it. While gross income numbers (or imputed income) are used, the guideline tax effects this income so that net income is generally what is determinative - however, this complicates doing the math. The percentage of parent's income allocated to children is called the "K" factor, and this number moves depending upon how many children there are. It assumes, for instance, that 26% of the joint income of most families is spent on families with one child, and 60% where there are three children. Forturnately these calculations are done for us through computer programs. The most common are the Dissomaster and Xspouse, which I will explain further in another blog. Riverside County in Indio utilizes the Xspouse. The Xspouse is a spin off from the people who devised the Dissomaster, aft

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