How is child support calculated in Indiana?

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Child Support Orders

The Indiana Supreme Court provides all the information and forms you need to do a rough calculation of child support obligations in your situation. See forms, worksheets and help with calculations. To determine the amount of child support obligations, Indiana uses a worksheet, based on the Indiana Child Support Guidelines, to calculate the proposed obligation. The worksheet uses the income of both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent and considers other factors such as medical insurance, maintenance payments, child care, and support for prior born children. The Child Support Guidelines TABLE is then used to complete child support calculations, applying the parties' combined joint monthly incomes (adjusted by their contributions toward health insurance, maintenance payments, child care expenses, support for older children from other relationships, etc.).


Modifying Child Support

Once an obligation has been established by the Court or the parties' agreement has incorporated into a Court Order, child support can later be modified. However, there are certain minimum requirements for making such changes. The reduced or increased child support obligation must reflect at least a 20% change (plus or minus) in order to be modified and the changes in circumstances must be "substantial and continuing". A lay-off or job termination, for instance, is not considered "continuing" as the parent is expected to seek and obtain other employment or to return from lay-off. Retirement or a permanent health condition which prevents a parent from working (long-term disability) may be justification for modifying the parties' respective child support obligations.


Child Support Enforcement

For information about enforcement and collection of child support obligations owed to you, visit the website of the Indiana Child Support Bureau at

Additional Resources

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