Collecting Information

Since the adjuster has to collect information in order to understand your claim, we provide all the required information to establish that it is a valid claim. Sometimes insurance adjusters are so busy looking for damaging information about you or your claim that they miss favorable information. We collect and highlight that favorable information: witness statements, photographs of the accident, photographs of your injury, opinion letters from experts in medicine, accident reconstruction, and economic loss. We present the claim to the adjuster, with full evidentiary backing, so the adjuster understands the significance of your claim.


Setting Reserves

When a claim comes in, the company must set reserves, an accounting entry, to assure government regulators that the company has set aside adequate money to pay the claim. If initial reserves are set too low, when the time comes to settle the claim, the adjuster will sometimes be too limited in the amount of money he can offer in settlement. We get the appropriate information to the adjuster as soon as possible to assist the company in setting high enough reserves that the ultimate settlement can be for the full claim value.


Evaluating Damages

Since the adjusters must evaluate the claim value, we provide them with all relevant information, including comparable cases from state, regional and national publications, computerized databases, and our own evaluation of the claim's value. We don't just wait for an offer; we help create it.


Negotiating Settlement

There is an old saying, "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." Likewise, a personal injury victim who attempts to negotiate a settlement with a professional insurance adjuster is likely to recover far less than the claim's true value. Do not attempt to negotiate a settlement of your personal injury claim without professional advice.


Defending In Trial If Necessary

If a settlement cannot be negotiated, the insurance company must defend its position in court. Your lawyer must have a track record of exceptional verdicts, so that the insurance company realizes that trial is NOT an easy way out. We've been doing this for 36 years. Insurance companies know us. They know our reputation for thorough claim documentation, compassionate care for our clients, and fair but firm negotiating and litigating skills. In fact, since insurance companies know how well-prepared we are, over 90% of our claims are settled out of court. We have won multiple million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements and have established record high verdicts and settlements in several Washington jurisdictions.