The Will says I inherit the house, is that all I need?

No. The Will only states the intent of your dead relative to leave you the house. The house is estate property, and is in the control of the executor or personal representative of the estate. The house must stay in the estate in case its value is needed to pay proper debts of the decedent. It is not yours, yet!


All the bills are paid, is it mine?

Not yet! Estate property in most states can't be distributed until the final accounting is approved by the court auditor and the judge. They want to assure that all taxes have been collected, and that all potential heirs had proper notice, and that there are no objections to the distribution


Everything is approved, now what?

One of the last things an executor will do is sign the deed granting ownership of the house to the heir. The deed is recorded in land records, and is the evidence of the new owner. The municipality will then change over the tax account, and the new owner will get the utilities changed over. And now, finally, it's time to get out the paint brush!