How to Determine If a Lawyer is Doing a Good Job on Your Case

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Are fees the issue?

Some Think Not to them a Good Lawyer does: 1. The job of a good lawyer is to mediate the situation and keep the parties out of court. 2. The job of a good lawyer is to communicate with the client. 3. The job of a good lawyer is to advise the client that their interpretation of statutes is an opinion and is not law unless it is tested by the Supreme Court. 4. The job of a good lawyer is to know the law, and to know that some areas of the law are not within their realm of competency. Are patent lawyers good estate planners? Would you hire and estate attorney to defend you in a murder trial? 5. The job of a good lawyer is to listen and be a good debater capable of finding a solution that causes the least harm and selling that solution to both parties. 6. The job of a good lawyer is to educate, diplomatically, all parties. 7. The job of a good lawyer is to do no harm.


One Executive Says He Finds Good Lawyers By:

I work very closely with counsel. Legal fees on my business projects approached $500,000 last year. As part of a turnaround project, I helped a company get out from under a securities investigation in the US and Korea. I speak with counsel on a regular and ongoing basis throughout projects with regularly scheduled weekly calls and additional ad hoc calls on specific issues.


Another Executive Client Says He Locates Lawyers this Way

The tasks assigned to lawyers vary from scenario to scenario and from fact pattern to fact pattern. So to answer how I would determine if a lawyer has successfully completed an assigned task would depend on similarly situated circumstances. It generally would come down to "do no harm" - Since you are located here in Las Vegas, you would probably know each individual attorney I might talk about so, with the greatest amount of diplomacy I will restrain myself from naming those who have caused harm.


An Consultant Involved in Estate Planning Said:

The best way for me to tell if a lawyer has successfully completed a task that I have given to that lawyer is communication. I think that communication is the key to anyone who wants to do a good job and do it right. Whatever form of communication or follow-up was established between the client and lawyer, be it phone, text, email or formal letter, it should be done from the time the task started until it has completed. Continued communication throughout the process of the task, allows for all parties involved to know what is going on from start to finish. I look at whether they have completed all of the necessary elements of the task and whether they have used the most up-to-date caselaw. have established relationships with counsel whom I trust deeply. Accordingly, I always know the status of completion. The key word in your question for me is "successfully." My sense is that the measure of success is outcome driven. Sometimes, unfortunately, even for experienced specialty counsel


An Individual With a Car Crash Case Said

I wanted money for my injury and, I good money for my injury.


A small business Man said:

If lawyer's way brings me to a quite and peaceful solution that is partly satisfy me, then I consider his jib successful.


Good Lawyer Work is not the Same for Everyone. A Motorcycle Crash Survivor Does Not See it the Same Way As an Animal Attack Survivor

Get a Lawyer you can work with weather you have a business or personal injury matter.

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