Proving a Marriage

The following is a list of the kinds documentation required to prove the validity of your marriage. Birth certificates of any children born to marriage. Joint Income Tax Returns and W-2 Forms. Deed, lease or rent receipts showing both your names. Health insurance policy with a family plan. Life insurance plan for either of you with the other listed as the beneficiary. Car insurance policy showing both names as listed drivers. Joint checking and savings account or bank book. Bank loan in both of your names. Credit arrangement in both of your names. Receipts for purchases showing both of your names. Bills (telephone, gas, electric, store, medical, credit card, etc.) in each of your names with your address or in both names. Employment record or job application if your spouse's name appears on it. Any document which lists your spouse as person to be notified in case of an emergency. Any mail addressed to either or both of you at any place you have lived Photographs of the two of you.



Please save as many of the above types of documentation as you have or can obtain, so that you can present them when necessary. Documentation will be required when you or your spouse apply for permanent residency through the marriage, apply to lift conditions on permanent resident status, or apply for naturalization.