Highlights of Kentucky's New 2011 Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practice

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Relocation with child(ren)

The new rules provide that if either parent intends to move with the child(ren) from Kentucky to another state, or more than 100 miles from the present residence of the child(ren), the parent shall give notice to the other parent at least sixty (60) days prior to the move. Either parent can file a motion for change of custody or parenting time if the other parent is not in agreement with the move. No relocation of the children should occur unless the court enters an order modifying the status quo. If a parent moves from the county where the initial decree or custody order is entered, the court can apportion the cost of transportation of the child(ren) between the parents, or may assign the entirety of the costs to one parent, considering the economic circumstances of each parent and any other relevant factors.


Reopening fee

Before parties can engage in post-decree litigation, a fee of $50.00 must be paid by the person filing a motion to modify the decree to reopen a domestic relations case once six (6) months has elapsed from the entry of the decree.


Parenting time guidelines

The new rules include model time-sharing / visitation guidelines which are set forth in detail in Appendix A to the rules at the link below.

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