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having your medical procedures video taped to use as demonstrative aides in trial

Posted by attorney James Magazine

Over my 22 years as a trial lawyer i have learned some valuable lessons in how to increase my jury verdicts and my clients personal injury settlements. the old saying is true a picture is worth a thousand words. while listening to a neursugeon testify about an operation he performed on my client i thought to myself this is such a major operation but while listening to the doctor testiy it sounded like a minor procedure, i then wondered what if the doctor would video tape the surgery, what if all doctors would video tape procedures or photograph findings in surgery would that increase the value of my cases. the answer is yes and dramatically. the insurance company adjusters read the same type of operative reports day in and day out and have become numb to them. when a videotape of your surgery, or your epidural steroid injection is sent to the insurance company, they realize this is not a minor procedure this is a major operation or this is not just a littlie shot this is big procedure that only an person who is really hurt would undergo. the insurance company then must wonder how would a jury react to seeing this video. juries react with large verdicts and insurance companies react with large settlements. make sure that your lawyer is having all your medical procedures videotaped in order to maximize your recovery.

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