A Guide for Immigrants in Detention

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Stay Calm.

Whatever the circumstances may be, if DHS detains you, you must stay calm. You must not speak to the DHS officers about any criminal offense you may have committed nor discuss any issues related to your immigration status. You must simply indicate that you want to speak to your immigration attorney or that you want to see an immigration judge. You must also remember NOT to sign any document without having your attorney review it.


Retain Counsel.

If you are detained, you must coordinate with your family so they may retain a lawyer on your behalf. It is critical that your family search for an experienced immigration lawyer.


Request Bond.

If you hired an immigration lawyer, then the lawyer will request bond for you. Not everyone is eligible for release on bond. This will depend on the nature of the crime you committed, or whether you have an existing deportation order. If you are bond eligible, then your family should immediately pay the bond. If you cannot pay the bond, your immigration lawyer may request the Immigration Court to lower your bond amount. If you are not bond eligible, then you must wait in the detention center until your case is finalized in Immigration Court.


Meet with Counsel.

If you are released on bond, you will need to meet with your immigration lawyer immediately so that the two of you can develop a strategy that meets your needs. If you are not released on bond, then you will need to discuss your case with your immigration lawyer over the phone. Your attorney can coordinate a telephonic consultation even if you are detained.


Follow Your Counsel's Advice.

Being placed in removal proceedings is a frustrating and overwhelming affair, especially if you are not bond eligible. You must be patient and trust in your lawyer to work on your behalf. With your cooperation, your lawyer will help you achieve the best and most realistic results possible.

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