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Guide to Georgia Elder Abuse and Neglect Laws

Posted by attorney Peter Scholle


Civil and Criminal Statutes

Bill of Rights for Residents of Long Term Care Facilities OCGA § 31-8-100 et seq.

Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act OCGA § 30-5-1 et seq.

Long-term Care Facility Resident Abuse Reporting Act OCGA § 31-8-80 et seq.

Cruelty to a Person 65 Years of Age or Older OCGA § 16-5-100.

State Agencies and Organizations

Georgia Department of Community Health

Georgia Adult Protective Services

Georgia Council on Aging

Georgia Council of Community Ombudsmen

Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation

Georgia Division of Aging Services

Georgia Division of Aging Services, Elder Rights & Advocacy Programs

Georgia Long Term Care Ombudsman

Georgia Office of Attorney General

Regulations (Full Text Available Online at Georgia Department of Community Health website).

Nursing Home. Georgia Regs. 290-5-8

Intermediate Care Home. Georgia Regs. 290-5-9

Community Living Arrangement. Georgia Regs. 290-9-37

Personal Care Home. Georgia Regs. 111-8-62

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