Access the Online Worksheet

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has an excellent worksheet, which will help you along the way. Access the worksheet here: http://www.dor.state.ma.us/apps/worksheets/cse/guidelines-short.asp


Gather your Financials

Hopefully, by this stage of the game, you will have completed your own Financial Statement and will also have a Financial Statement from the opposing party. Make sure the Financial Statements account for gross weekly incomes, child care costs, health insurance costs, dental/vision costs and other support obligations paid. If not, you'll want to obtain this information before going any further.


Calculate Child Care Costs

Next, plus in each party's respective child care costs for the children they share together. This number typicall includes day care, nannies, people hired to transport children from one activity to another, etc.


Medical Costs

Next, plug in the actual cost each party pays towards health insurance for him/herself and for others.


Number of Children

Next, plug in the number of children the two parties share together. Now you are ready to calculate.


Other Issues:

1. Number of children. Keep in mind these guidelines were designed for families with 1-5 children. If you have more than 5 children, the amount ordered in child support will likely increase. 2. At some times, a Court may make a determination that there are additional child-realted expenses (extra curricular activities, camps, etc.) which are in the vest interest of the child and are affordable to the parties. Courts sometimes allocate these costs to the parties in some cases.