Successfully Satisfy the Conditions of Probation

Typically, a judge will not grant a Motion for Early Termination of Probation until all of the initial conditions are completed. Do you still have community service hours to perform, classes to complete, fines to pay? Take care of those court-ordered conditions before applying for early termination.


Complete Half of the Probation Term

In most cases, the court will require you to complete half of your probation term before considering an early termination. However, if you have completed all of the conditions of your probation before the half-way point, it never hurts to try for early termination.


Do Not Violate Probation

A sure way to become ineligible for early termination of probation is to violate. A probation violation can not only lead to no early termination, but can often include more sanctions, such as, a new probation term, community control, or even incarceration. Additionally, if you were not convicted of the crime when you were placed on probation, the judge has the option of convicting you once you are found to be in violation.


Set a Court Hearing

Once you have followed the instructions above, set a hearing with the court by either contacting an attorney in your area or doing so yourself.