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Georgia Auto Accident Guide

Posted by attorney David Van Sant

WARNING: You have just been involved in an accident DONT pick your Georgia personal injury attorney by accident also. You owe it to yourself to read our Georgia Accident Guide before you talk to an insurance adjuster, hire a lawyer, or sign any forms

Expert Atlanta Car Accident Tips

We have written a 33 page, Georgia Car Accident Guide. The time we spent writing this Guide is like getting a free one-hour consultation on your case’s basics. Using the going Atlanta rate for personal injury attorneys, that is like getting $250 worth of information.

Insurance Companies & Other Personal Injury Attorneys Hate This Book

You simply must read this Guide as soon as possible so you do not make a costly mistake. Chances are you are already receiving phone calls from adjusters looking for a quick, reduced value settlement. This Guide will teach you how to begin to MAXIMIZE your case, by telling you such things as:

  • How to talk to adjusters;
  • How to handle getting paid for your wrecked car (without an attorney!)
  • How a Georgia personal injury case works;
  • How pre-lawsuit negotiations work;
  • What you must be doing now, before hiring an attorney, to maximize your case;
  • How insurance coverage(s) may affect your case;
  • How to pick the right attorney;
  • AND even how to handle your own case, if you want to.

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