Step One: Drafting and Filing

Draft and file an Original Petition for Divorce. It is imperative you have a game-plan prior to filing the Petition for divorce. You will also need to confirm that you satisfy all of the requirements for filing in Texas.


Step Two: Serving Your Spouse

Next you must serve your spouse with the documents or have them sign and return a Waiver of Service. Either a constable or private process server can hand-deliver the documents to your spouse. This is a requirement if your spouse refuses to sign and return the Waiver of Service.


Step Three: Settlement or Trial

The third phase of the process is settlement negotiations or a Temporary Orders Hearing. It's generally preferable to work out your differences without going to Court, however, this is not always possible and a Temporary Orders hearing may be needed.


Step Four: Finalizing the Divorce

After an agreement is reached or a Final Hearing is conducted a Decree of Divorce will be drafted and signed by both parties. The Decree will be presented to the Court for its consideration and review and, if approved, the Decree will be signed by the Court and the divorce granted.