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Four Football Players from University of Alabama Arrested for Robbery

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

Four freshmen football players from the University of Alabama were arrested on Monday February 11. Three of them, linebacker Tyler Hayes, safety Eddie Williams, and defensive end D.J. Pettway, were charged with second-degree robbery. The fourth player arrested was H-back Brent Calloway, who was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Calloway was also arrested back in 2011 for possession of marijuana.

In Arizona, robbery is defined in A.R.S. 13-1902 as follows:

A person commits robbery if, in the course of taking property from another person against their will, such person threatens or uses force against the property owner with intent to either prevent resistance to such person taking or retaining their property or to coerce surrender of their property.

In addition, aggravated robbery is described in A.R.S. 13-1903 as a person committing robbery with the aid of one or more accomplice.

The football players from the case above would likely have been charged with aggravated robbery in Arizona, which is a class 3 felony.

Having a felony robbery charge on your record can have devastating effects on your future job opportunities as it may make it difficult for prospective employers to trust you. However, with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you may be able to have your charges reduced.

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