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Fosamax Injuries Are Oftentimes Unexpected

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

If you’ve been following the news related to the side effects of the drug Fosamax, you’ve probably heard the term “atypical femur fracture". This makes it clear enough that the injuries are unusual, but it doesn’t really clarify why they’re considered to be unusual. These injuries oftentimes occur when there’s no reason for anyone to suspect that the person who suffers them may be at risk.

Spontaneous Fractures

There are times when a femur fracture is completely predictable. For instance, if you’re participating in a rough sport or have a degenerative bone disorder, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that you may suffer one of these injuries. The femur, however, is the largest bone in your body and it’s very strong. It supports most of your weight when you’re standing, walking or doing anything else on your feet.

In some cases, a broken femur bone from Fosamax is alleged to have occurred when there was no stress on the bone at the time of the fracture. Women who were simply walking around, doing nothing that put stress or energy on their bone and who had no history of broken bones before have suffered these injuries. These injuries are atypical in that they are completely without apparent cause.

Fosamax is believed to change the way that the bones repair themselves and regenerate tissue. Over time, it is believed that this leads to severely weakened bones. Fosamax has also been implicated in other bone conditions, such as osteonecrosis of the jaw. These reasons, and others, are why women have begun to file lawsuits against the manufacturer of these drugs over their side effects.

The Claims

These claims are defective product claims. The claims generally allege that the women were not informed adequately of the side effects of this drug and, thus, were not capable of making an informed decision as to whether they wanted to take on the risks associated with the drug when they started taking it. If they had known, they may have chosen to not take the drug and, therefore, they may not have suffered the injuries.

An attorney can help you to figure out whether or not you should file a lawsuit over such injuries. It will have to be determined that your injury did occur due to the drug, or was at least exacerbated by it, but this is something that an attorney can help you with, even if you’re not sure yourself.

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