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If the Forney police want to talk to you.

You have the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney. If any police officer asks you about illegal activity, consider asking for an attorney, and politely refusing to speak with the officer. Do not threaten the officer, or disobey his commands, but do not discuss anything illegal, even if it is to say you are innocent. What you say can and will be used against you. There are many "opinion" crimes in Texas (like DWI) where an officer's opinion of your guilt is all it takes for you to be arrested. In those situations not only what you say, but how you say it will be considered part of the "totality of the circumstances" used to justify your arrest, and to support your conviction.


If you are taken to the Forney jail

Forney has a new jail that is really nice... for a jail. More importantly it's very safe. The Forney Police Department runs the jail very well, and inmates are safe there. So if you are arrested, don't worry having to fight for survival like Shawshank Redemption. This isn't that. What should you worry about? Making bail. Before you can make bail, bail must be set by a judge. That may happen in Forney, or you may have to wait to get transported to the Kaufman County jail. There are many excellent local bondsmen who can help you make bail. Also, an attorney can visit you at the Forney jail and talk to you or a loved one. If you have a family member being held in the Forney jail on a serious charge you should hire a local attorney immediately.


What happens after you get out of jail?

After you are bailed out, you will have to wait for your first court date. Your case will be sent by the Forney police to the Kaufman County District Attorney's office. Then a prosecutor will review your case and decide whether to file the case or not (this process is call "intake"). If the case is filed you or your bondsman will be notified of the first court date. You should never go to court without a lawyer. Spend your time after you are released interviewing local defense lawyers. Hire the best lawyer you can afford as soon as possible.

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