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Form I-864a; Financial Sponsor

Posted by attorney Ryan Reppucci
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Immigration form I-864a should be used by the person that intends to financially sponsor an immigrant but does not meet the financial qualifications set by law to be the actual sponsoring party. In such situations, the I-864a is used to enlist another member of the intending sponsoring household to supplement the sponsorship with their own income and assets. The following represents a list of the types of immigrants which require financial sponsors:

1.A party coming to the United States to work for a business or company this is owned by a relative;

2.A party who is applying for permanent residency via a family member that is already a current United States citizen or permanent resident; and

3.A party coming to the United States with the intent of working for a relative.

To qualify, a financial sponsor's income must be at least one hundred and twenty five percent (125%) of the current federal poverty level. This level changes on an annual basis. Therefore, it is recommended that prior to filing a form I-864a; the sponsoring party meets with an experienced Immigration law attorney or qualified CPA.

By financially sponsoring an applying immigrant, you are attempting to show that you possess enough income and assets to ensure that the applying immigrant does not become a financial burden to the United States and its tax payers.

At a later time the applying immigrant applies for and receives public assistance, the government reserves the right to seek reimbursement of public funds received directly from the sponsoring party that signed the form I-864a. A sponsoring party's obligation lasts perpetually until the immigrant sponsored:

1.Is deceased;

2.Leaves the country permanently;

3.Becomes a citizen; or

4.Has worked in the United States for approximately ten (10) years and has logged forty (40) quarters of recognized employment.

To better determine whether you or someone in your immediate family will qualify as a financial sponsoring party, it is recommended that you contact an experienced immigration law attorney, CPA, or the experienced Phoenix, Arizona based immigration law firm of Ariano & Reppucci, PLLC.

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