Expungement of Dismissed/Not Guilty findings

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This guide offers the inside scoop on the expungement of charge(s) that were either dismissed or that you were tried on and found not guilty of.


Expungement of Records when charges are dismissed or you're found Not Guilty

In order to apply for an expungement of a misdemeanor, felony or the infraction "Purchase, Possession, or Consumption by 19 or 20-Year Old" that was either dismissed or you were found Not Guilty of you need to meet the following criteria: 1) Not have had an expungement before; 2) Not be a convicted felon


How many charged offenses that resulted in a dismissal or Not Guilty finding may be expunged at one time?

Multiple offenses that resulted in a dismissal or Not Guilty / Not Responsible finding may be expunged from your record via one petition for expungement provided the charged offenses occurred within a 12-month period of time of each other or resulted in a Not Guilty verdict or dismissal during the same session of court.



Unless the offense/ charges you desire to have expunged were dismissed pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement--your petition will cost you ZERO dollars. If you are expunging a charge/offense that was dismissed pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement, then you must pay $175 to the Clerk of Superior Court at the time the expungement petition is filed.

Additional Resources

Visit: www.raushanahrodgerslaw.com for more write-ups on expungement options.

Infraction Statute for G.S.18B-302(i)

Expungement Statute for Dismissals or Not Guilty Findings

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